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The Coton de Tulear

Otherwise known as ‘The Royal Dog of Madagascar’ – The ‘Anti-Stress’ dog of the 21st Century.  They have the most endearing personalities and lend themselves to play the role as the ‘professional pet’.  They are loyal and devoted to their owners – the perfect companion! So inevitably they make excellent family pets and because of this are extremely good around children and other family pets. They have a very happy and affectionate disposition, ‘laid back’ and ‘easy going’ and very responsive to training.  The Coton de Tulear is very intelligent and quite a clown and will ‘play to the crowd’ if given the opportunity because it is a natural exhibitionist.  When happy it has an unusual characteristic of ‘grunting’ and a comical ability to ‘smile’.

The Coton de Tulear earned its name from its’ unique fluffy cotton-like hair.  The hair is long, dry to the feel and very soft to the touch, oil and dander free and has no doggy-odour.  There is no shedding and seldom affects people with allergies, however the Coton is single coated and regular bushing is necessary.  The coat should maintain its natural wind-tossed look.  A trimmed coat is fine for low maintenance of older dogs or pets but never for a show-dog.  The majority of Coton de Tulear are predominantly white and some have coloured markings, the Coton has a very special quality that when puppies are born with quite heavily coloured markings, these usually fade with maturity, quite often to white, but in most cases definitely to a paler shade – i.e. black usually turns to grey and brindle/brown usually fades to cream.
The average lifespan of the Coton de Tulear could span up to 15 – 16 years.
They are adaptable and are as happy to live with you in an apartment as they are to live in the country and accept living in a hot or cold climate equally.
They do not like isolation and therefore would not thrive in a kennel situation. They require minimal exercise although most Cotons that I know love to run and will accompany you for miles.
The Coton matures at between 18 months and two years of age. The average height of a male will be around 28 cms and weigh 5 – 7 kg, the average height of a female will be around 25 cms. and weigh 4.5 – 6 kg.